About Us

We produce crafts that are not mind-numbingly expensive, safe to use, easy to make in your own home, perfect if you are working on your own or with a group – and which produces practically instant results!  Better still, even if you don’t get it exactly as the picture shows, it won’t matter.  Just as each individual flower has its own particular beauty so everything you make will be beautiful even if it doesn't turn out quite what you were expecting.  If you are experienced and have the time and the patience you can create a masterpiece 

but if you are new to crafts you can produce something outstanding in just one flower.

Inion Arts started life in 2018, and took part in several charity initiatives aimed at strengthening local communities by offering integrated workshops to people with and without disabilities, to young and old, all working together and helping each other.  When Covid struck, we worked closely with the Church and local parish councils to identify people who felt marginalised either through disability, age, location or any other cause, and distributed free kits to selected participants and then got them together, in some cases via Zoom, or in most cases, outside under a tent, to created beautiful flowers.  These “Coffee and Craft” sessions were very popular and we feel they went a long way to helping people through the isolation brought on by Covid.

Both Abigail and Melody, the mother/daughter combo who created Inion Arts have a long history of working with people with disabilities, and in particular, those with mental health issues.  Abigail had nearly finished her PhD when her eldest son was diagnosed with severe mental health issues and she had to abandon her studies and come home to give him the 24 hour care that he needed.  So Inion Arts developed into a working from the garden shed business.  Starting with just one flower kit, the Daffodil, and the Christmas Wreath, Abby and Melody started delivering workshops locally and then selling online.  Now we have more than 30 kits available, with one new kit produced each month, we are mixing our own colours, unique to Inion Arts, and are exhibiting at the major craft events.  We are still working out of the garden shed, but have coerced other family members into helping as well (and building another shed!).  A truly intergenerational business with Granny, Grandad, daughter, grandson and occasionally second daughter, we do our absolute best to ensure that you enjoy our kits, that you receive them on time and that you are happy with our customer service.

All our packaging is recyclable, or can be re-used, and to the best of our knowledge we do not use anything harmful to the environment.  Our resin is manufactured in the UK by a local company and we take deliveries once a month to minimise our carbon footprint.  We care about the environment and have completely changed our packing and packaging over the time we started out.  In short, we are doing our best – and we thank you for taking the time to visit Inion Arts.