Agra Wool Block

Agra Wool Block

Introducing our Eco-Friendly Resin Dip Drying Blocks! Revolutionize your resin dip flower crafting process while being kind to the environment. Unlike traditional wet or dry floral foam blocks, our specially designed blocks provide the perfect drying solution for your resin-dipped creations.  Once you've dipped your items in resin, simply insert them into our drying blocks, and watch as they dry to perfection.

What sets our Resin Dip Drying Blocks apart is their eco-conscious nature. Made from Earthwool, a natural rock wool product derived from volcanic solidification rock, they are free from harmful chemicals and binders. Our blocks contribute to a cleaner environment by using plant-based raw materials and significantly reducing energy consumption during production.

Not only are our Resin Dip Drying Blocks eco-friendly, but they also provide a safe and user-friendly experience. With their softer texture, they won't irritate your hands or skin. Plus, they emit no unpleasant odors or dust, ensuring a pleasant crafting process.

As an added benefit, over time, the blocks naturally break down into basalt flour, a completely natural product. This enriches the soil with essential elements, strengthening plant growth and allowing for deeper root penetration.

Choose our Resin Dip Drying Blocks for your crafting needs and join us in promoting sustainable practices. Enjoy the convenience, eco-friendliness, and superior results they offer, as you create stunning resin dip flowers. Embrace a greener approach to crafting with our eco-friendly drying blocks.

Dimensions of each block: 23cm x 10cm x 7.5cm.



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