New Year, New Packaging and New Hope!

New Year, New Packaging and New Hope!

New Year,  New Packaging and New Hope!

Do you like the new packaging we are using?  We are always striving to be more environmentally aware and have been concerned for a while about the amount of packaging we are using; we have investigated various packaging options, and have found a perfect (for us) packaging company about 9 miles from where we live.  There are no amenities in the small village we live in – more of a hamlet really – not even pavements, street lighting, or any kind of public transport – a car is not a luxury but essential, so if we are using a car to get our shopping we can pick up our packaging materials as well.  Win win!

Test Valley Packaging is dedicated to sustainability and caring for the environment.  Their product, HexcelWrap, has become the first UK manufactured paper bubble wrap.  It is made from recycled materials, is recyclable itself and biodegradable.  Test Valley Packaging are working to using Zero tree packaging that replaces the virgin wood that most cardboard manufacturers use with agricultural crop waste such as wheat and sugar cane bagasse. By doing this, the process completely eliminates the need for any deforestation and uses a material that would otherwise be going to waste.

So it is goodbye to tissue paper, reels of Sellotape, conventional paper void fill and wood-based cardboard boxes being delivered to us from the Midlands!  Inion Arts is striving every day to become more environmentally friendly, and we are keeping up to date with all the innovations.

We were, in all honesty, spurred on to take stock of our packaging requirements by the sad news that the Expert Packer was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer in September last year.  This was a huge shock for the family as we had no idea at all that he had cancer, let alone something as menacing as oesophageal cancer.  At first we were told that we were looking at months as the cancer was so big it was untreatable, but after Abby had gone to great lengths to tell everyone how very fit her 78 father is, and after he passed his stationary-bike riding test with ease it was decided to go ahead with chemo, followed by an operation.  It has been a tough time, trying to keep Inion Arts going with our customary high service commitment, and take Rob to, it seemed at times, every single hospital in Hampshire for scans, endoscopies, chemo, check ups and goodness knows what else.  His operation is scheduled for 6th February as long as he doesn’t fall victim to Covid or any other horrible virus in between then and now.  So it is fingers crossed for Robert.

The packing fell downhill as he was suffering from the effects of the chemotherapy.  I am not an expert packer and in the 49 years I have been married to Rob he may have shown me many things but how to pack a cardboard box was not one of them!  What he could do in 10 minutes took me twice as long although I did get quicker if not better. So if mistakes were made it was because instead of 3 people checking the orders it was whittled down to 2 and in some cases when we were really busy only 1.  We did mistakes and we are sorry but – we did our best, even coercing Izzy, Polly and Louis – 2 daughters and a grandson to come in at odd times.

Hence an increased need for different packaging.  Now all that remains is – do you like it?

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